Acne Beliefs

When it comes to beliefs about the facial foe we refer to as acne, the information is seemingly limitless. One thing is for sure, a majority of people will suffer from acne at one point in their life or another, and this isn’t just limited to the pre and post pubescent crowd.

Adult acne is a reality for many people

85% of people will suffer a breakout during their lifetime, and many of these people will be in their adult years.

Since there is so much information to sift through, it can be hard to determine what is real from the junk.

Let’s take a look at a few acne common beliefs to see if there is any truth behind them:

Don’t touch your face!

Dermatologists agree with this belief, putting your hands on your face – or letting other people touch your face can lead to a breakout. Think about sitting at work or on the couch resting your face on your hand, we all do it. Each time that you touch your face though, you are transferring to your face any germs that you may have picked up from doorknobs, shaking someone’s hand, or borrowing a pen. Allowing others to touch your face just multiplies the number of places that germs might come from and therefore increase your acne.

Stop stressing!

Stress is a major health hazard and affects our body in many ways, one of which happens to be negative effects it can have on your complexion. Stress can trigger hormonal changes in the body which can lead to complexion issues and specifically breakouts in some cases. Look for ways to decrease stress in your life such as exercise or meditation, and see what kind of difference it can make when combined with other complexion clearing measures.

Sunbathing to clear the skin

While a sun-kissed face might be an attractive asset – depending on the part of the world you live in – it isn’t going to clear your skin up. The most it will do for you is to help camouflage your breakouts a bit through the darkening of the skin. It can actually work worse for your skin as exposure to sun will cause your skin to create more oils to help moisturize. As well, exposure to the sun is a contributing factor to the development of skin cancer. Consider this myth busted!

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