Angling for the Right Photo

We live in the age of the selfie. You see people everywhere lifting their phone up to get that perfect picture, to capture that moment and share it with their friends. Look a little closer and you might notice them taking several selfies, trying to gain a better shot by perfecting the angle at which the picture was taken.

The truth is, we all have an angle at which we know we need to use when taking pictures – as it is the best angle for our face. What if we could look great in our selfies from every angle? Wouldn’t that be great?

It’s typical for Asians have fewer good angles for selfies, and for good reason. We tend to have features including a lower bridge on the nose, a weaker chin and lower cheekbones, and a flat forehead. It is because of these features that front facing pictures are favoured over a profile.

Should i use Botox and Fillers?

Because of this, surgical changes to the face are common among Asians. Rhinoplasty and chin implants, in particular, are among some of the most common methods for creating more dimension in the facial region. However, there are additional options that are less invasive and more of an outpatient type procedure.

Alternatives to surgery now include injections such as Botox and other fillers. These fillers can be used to fill in parts of the face, creating additional volume and curves where those areas might have lacked much shape. Botox on the other hand can be used not only for filling wrinkles and smile lines, but also to create shape along the jaw line. It can also be used to relax some of the muscles along the jaw line to help create the V-shape that many Asians are interested in these days.

If major surgery isn’t something you are interested in, perhaps you should take a look at Botox and fillers as an alternative.

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