Introducing Ellanse in Singapore

Those of you who’ve followed me long enough will know that I am a big fan of medically-proven aesthetic treatments. I’ve been going to Kowayo Clinic for some time now, as you can see from me previous reviews on fat freezing cyrolipolysis and acne treatment in Singapore. Fat Freezing at Kowayo However, nothing has gotten me more excited to find out that Ellanse is finally in Singapore! I was so ecstatic that I called up my Kowayo surgeon, Dr Wong Kee Seng to confirm the news. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, Ellanse is also known as the famous 少女针 in Taiwan. Ask any Taiwanese girl on the street what the 少女针 is and I’m sure they’d be able to tell you stories for hours. Trust me, this is 100% worth the hype. So what’s all the hype about Ellanse about? And why is it so great that … Continue reading

Why is the droopy eyelid a problem?

droopy eyelid Singapore

Many people suffer by droopy eyelid. This condition may cost a lot of bothers. It could be a reason for serious health problems. A lot of people think that this is a problem, which has something to do with their age. In some occasions if untaken care of this condition could cause more serious problems with the vision and with the way we look. The other name of the droopy eyelid is Ptosis. It could occur due to some medical disorders, age or trauma. This condition may hurt just one of the eyes or both of them. Also, it could last for a while or for a long period of time. In some occasions, this may be part of the human body since birth. When this is a birth-condition it can be very uncomfortable for the person who has it. Even if the droopy eyelid appears in adulthood it could … Continue reading

V-shaped Face Fascination Among Asians

v-shaped face

Achieving the dream of the perfect Korean v-shaped face without the need for invasive surgery may seem overwhelming. While the Hallyu or K-wave has influenced virtually all beauty perceptions throughout Korea, and any other shore it’s landed upon, it presents some unique challenges. As a global phenomenon, all eyes are on Asian nations and its trends. Until the time of the K-wave trend, our idea of beauty was traditionally influenced by Western standards. This often came through media-television, magazines, and other sources. The emergence of meteoric rise paved the way for ‘everything-Korean’. However, this new standard is much easier for us to attain and stands as a more desirable outcome for Asian women and men. The v-shape face is one of the most sought after features in our country. Everyone from K-pop stars to television celebrities embody this look. Ultimately, the Korean beauty standard is a slimmer lower face that … Continue reading

Creating the Ideal V-shaped face

the Ideal V-shaped face

Obviously, we’re not Koreans, therefore, achieving the perfect Korean V-shaped face is a difficult task. With an increase in popularity in the “gangnam girl” look, more cosmetic procedures are popping up to help girls attain this look. The v-shaped face is one of the more popular looks. Where it differs is that both men and women crave this look. People living in Singapore are also attracted to the v-shaped face, and many people are willing to go under the knife to look exactly like these people. Singaporeans look far different than Koreans, however, and attaining this look has to be approached differently. As an example, Koreans have square jaws while Singaporeans have smaller jaws and more baby fat surrounding their cheekbones. One of the easiest ways to achieve this look is to combine the latest Ultra-V Lift or non-anchoring thread lift techniques with Korean methodologies such as Botox injections. Combining the … Continue reading

Acne Outbreak During Pregnancy

pregnancy acne

Experts tell us that one out of every two pregnant women suffer from acne during their pregnancy. In very rare cases, it can become severe. The causes of acne during pregnancy are related to the higher than normal level of hormones during your first trimester. This increase in hormones excites the skin’s production of natural oils, leading to acne. While there is no surefire way to guarantee you will or won’t develop acne during pregnancy, we can say that if you have a history of acne flare ups at the beginning of your period you may very well do the same during your pregnancy. Fortunately, if you make it through your first trimester with no acne flair ups, you’ll be unlike to suffer from them in your second and third trimesters. If you do suffer from breakouts, it can be a tricky business. Most acne medications are prescription, which can … Continue reading

Treating Acne with Birth Control

Treating Acne

Acne is no fun for anyone. For women, with pressure brought on by today’s standards of beauty, acne can be an embarrassing situation to deal with. It can lead to some psychological problems with self-esteem and anxiety, and could lead to long term physical issues with scarring. So we should start treating acne asap. Birth control has long been a strategy for dermatologists looking to help women who are suffering from acne. It can be an especially good option if birth control is in the plans for the woman as well. Typically birth control as a treatment option for acne is discussed following topical treatments and antibiotics. Every woman and every situation is different, but let’s look at some additional information regarding this treatment option: How does treating acne combined with birth control work? Decades of research have told us undoubtedly that there is a strong connection between hormones and acne. … Continue reading

Slimming The Face with Makeup

slimming face

Makeup is a powerful tool, it has been used to enhance one’s beauty and to create the illusion or a slimming face. Celebrities and other public figures are notorious for using makeup techniques to get the best look possible and to help slim their face. All it takes is some product and a little know-how, and you too can instantly “shed” a few pounds in the face. You can use darker shades on the face to help bring some features to the back, and lighter colors to highlight others. Choose a contour color that is a shade or two darker than your skin color, and a highlight color that is a shade or two lighter than you skin color. Contouring and highlighting the face creates a luminous center while maintaining a slimmer look along the sides. Slimming Face with Makeup Contour the face by making a long swooping line from … Continue reading

Acne Beliefs


When it comes to beliefs about the facial foe we refer to as acne, the information is seemingly limitless. One thing is for sure, a majority of people will suffer from acne at one point in their life or another, and this isn’t just limited to the pre and post pubescent crowd. Adult acne is a reality for many people 85% of people will suffer a breakout during their lifetime, and many of these people will be in their adult years. Since there is so much information to sift through, it can be hard to determine what is real from the junk. Let’s take a look at a few acne common beliefs to see if there is any truth behind them: Don’t touch your face! Dermatologists agree with this belief, putting your hands on your face – or letting other people touch your face can lead to a breakout. Think … Continue reading

DIY Botox Injections can be Trouble

botox injection kits

Botox has long since become the go to method for managing wrinkles on the face, as well as dealing with other conditions such as migraines and excessive sweating.  Typically you would need to visit a doctor to have these botox injections applied, but do-it-yourself kits are starting to show up online. Doctors are warning that that these botox kits can be harmful if applied incorrectly. Furthermore you can’t be sure that you are getting the actual FDA approved product. One of these botox kits that are now available online offers a vial of the product, or what is “marketed” as the product, as well as an instructional DVD – all for the low price of $152. This may seem like a small price to pay, but if you somehow inject yourself with something that isn’t actual Botox, what price will you pay for the problems that may arise? It’s reported … Continue reading

Your Heart Bangs May be Causing Your Acne

Acne Aqua Cleansing

South Korea is at the heart of many different trends in beauty and hair for the Asian region. One of the most recent trends in hair and style that seems to have its roots in the region is what locals are calling ‘Hateu Aapmuhri’ or ‘Heart Bangs Hair’. This look is achieved by using a curling iron to curl the opposing sides of the bangs inward at the bottom, thus creating an upside-down heart effect. Of course, one must keep this in place so massive amounts of hairspray are used to keep the look going strong all-day or night. Cute at this look might be and innocent as it might seem, it could be causing some skin problems that could be permanent if not careful. Hairspray contains many different chemicals that, when combined, are the perfect cocktail to hold that hair in the right place for hours at a time. … Continue reading