Angling for the Right Photo

Fillers and Botox

We live in the age of the selfie. You see people everywhere lifting their phone up to get that perfect picture, to capture that moment and share it with their friends. Look a little closer and you might notice them taking several selfies, trying to gain a better shot by perfecting the angle at which the picture was taken. The truth is, we all have an angle at which we know we need to use when taking pictures – as it is the best angle for our face. What if we could look great in our selfies from every angle? Wouldn’t that be great? It’s typical for Asians have fewer good angles for selfies, and for good reason. We tend to have features including a lower bridge on the nose, a weaker chin and lower cheekbones, and a flat forehead. It is because of these features that front facing pictures … Continue reading

Psychological Effects of Acne

effects of acne

Acne isn’t just annoying, it can lead to a number of psychological effects. The problem is that it’s a normal part of growing up, especially for females. It’s worth understanding how acne can affect mental health. Reduce Body Confidence If you have bad acne, you’re more likely to suffer from poor body confidence. You want to hide your impurities, because those are the areas that bullies tend to pick on. The truth is that most people don’t even notice the acne, and you can hide it. The good news is doctors can offer prescription medications to help reduce acne. Decreased Self-Esteem Similarly to reduce body confidence, acne leads to poor self-esteem and overall confidence. You can become more withdrawn and find it harder to make friends. In fact, if you’re not confident, you can find that your social interactions are affected. This can lead to other psychological issues, including social … Continue reading

Home Remedies for Fat Face – Four Tips That Work Best for You

Remedies for Fat Face

Having a fat face is never easy. As a matter of fact, most people who do not like their chubby cheeks and it is pretty much apparent. What could be more disappointing than that is to see your fat face in the mirror, each and every morning when you wake up! Well, if you happen to be overweight, you will surely have a fat face, however, there are people who have normal body weight, and yet suffer from a fat face. If you’re one of these people, there’s no need for you to worry that much. It would be best for you to take these home remedies for fat face and maintain a nice and slender face you can be proud of! Exercise – The first thing that you can do is to exercise. There are many facial exercises that you can do and they actually work wonders, most especially … Continue reading

Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze in Singapore

I am passionate about my job, I love helping my clients look beautiful. I try to eat well but with my job and the long hours, it’s hard you know. And exercise? Please… where can I find the time or energy? ^.^ ok I’ll admit that I’m also a teeny tiny bit lazy. Upon some research (never underestimate the power of women when they are desperate), I found out about Ice Body Shaping or Cryolipolysis at Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic. Coolsculpting Fat Freeze in Singapore This cyrolipolysis treatment at Kowayo is actually Fat Freezing, just like coolsculpting, which freezes and kills your body fat at any body area which you find unsatisfactory. This makes it very convenient for spot fat reduction. Perfect for areas such as the face, tummy and thighs! After the coolsculpting effect kicks in, your fats in that area get frozen and your body slowly gets rid of it. … Continue reading

Keeping Acne Scars at Bay

avoid acne scars

Despite no single cause of acne being established, science and research has shown that there are a few things we can do to reduce breakouts and enjoy clean, clear skin and avoid acne scars. Here’s just five ways you can avoid acne scars and stay fresh-faced! Clean your skin. – Daily face washing is the key to removing oils and preventing breakouts. Our environment is full of toxins and chemicals that seep into the surface layer of our skin. By using a facial wash that resonates with your skin type, you are effectively cleansing your pores and preventing acne. Wash your face once in the morning and once in the evening with a skin cleanser suited to your skin type. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! – Some acne products remove moisture from the skin. Choose a moisturizer that won’t clog the pores and cause acne, so opt for one with the word “noncomedogenic” on … Continue reading

Acne Treatment in Singapore

acne treatment

Acne can be very annoying when they pop up on your face… especially when I can’t figure out what causes them. Worse still, sometimes I don’t know how to get rid of the acne! I’ve tried nightly face masks, Kao Biore stickers, anti-trouble creams of every sort and even medication… /sigh They seem to help a little but I just can’t seem to get rid of acne on my own. I think its time for some professional acne treatment. I’m wearing a face mask to work just to hide the breakout on my left cheek Professional Acne Treatment in Singapore I really needed an effective solution to get rid of my acne… I decided to try Kowayo Aesthetic’s Aqua Pulse Plus therapy which is designed to deep cleanse the skin without any extraction. Deep cleansing of pores using treatment tip. Impurities are drawn out with vacuum effect. Kowayo’s Aqua Pulse Plus acne treatment … Continue reading