Why is the droopy eyelid a problem?

droopy eyelid Singapore

Many people suffer by droopy eyelid. This condition may cost a lot of bothers. It could be a reason for serious health problems. A lot of people think that this is a problem, which has something to do with their age. In some occasions if untaken care of this condition could cause more serious problems with the vision and with the way we look. The other name of the droopy eyelid is Ptosis. It could occur due to some medical disorders, age or trauma. This condition may hurt just one of the eyes or both of them. Also, it could last for a while or for a long period of time. In some occasions, this may be part of the human body since birth. When this is a birth-condition it can be very uncomfortable for the person who has it. Even if the droopy eyelid appears in adulthood it could … Continue reading