Introducing Ellanse in Singapore

Those of you who’ve followed me long enough will know that I am a big fan of medically-proven aesthetic treatments. I’ve been going to Kowayo Clinic for some time now, as you can see from me previous reviews on fat freezing cyrolipolysis and acne treatment in Singapore. Fat Freezing at Kowayo However, nothing has gotten me more excited to find out that Ellanse is finally in Singapore! I was so ecstatic that I called up my Kowayo surgeon, Dr Wong Kee Seng to confirm the news. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, Ellanse is also known as the famous 少女针 in Taiwan. Ask any Taiwanese girl on the street what the 少女针 is and I’m sure they’d be able to tell you stories for hours. Trust me, this is 100% worth the hype. So what’s all the hype about Ellanse about? And why is it so great that … Continue reading

Why is the droopy eyelid a problem?

droopy eyelid Singapore

Many people suffer by droopy eyelid. This condition may cost a lot of bothers. It could be a reason for serious health problems. A lot of people think that this is a problem, which has something to do with their age. In some occasions if untaken care of this condition could cause more serious problems with the vision and with the way we look. The other name of the droopy eyelid is Ptosis. It could occur due to some medical disorders, age or trauma. This condition may hurt just one of the eyes or both of them. Also, it could last for a while or for a long period of time. In some occasions, this may be part of the human body since birth. When this is a birth-condition it can be very uncomfortable for the person who has it. Even if the droopy eyelid appears in adulthood it could … Continue reading

Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze in Singapore

I am passionate about my job, I love helping my clients look beautiful. I try to eat well but with my job and the long hours, it’s hard you know. And exercise? Please… where can I find the time or energy? ^.^ ok I’ll admit that I’m also a teeny tiny bit lazy. Upon some research (never underestimate the power of women when they are desperate), I found out about Ice Body Shaping or Cryolipolysis at Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic. Coolsculpting Fat Freeze in Singapore This cyrolipolysis treatment at Kowayo is actually Fat Freezing, just like coolsculpting, which freezes and kills your body fat at any body area which you find unsatisfactory. This makes it very convenient for spot fat reduction. Perfect for areas such as the face, tummy and thighs! After the coolsculpting effect kicks in, your fats in that area get frozen and your body slowly gets rid of it. … Continue reading

Acne Treatment in Singapore

acne treatment

Acne can be very annoying when they pop up on your face… especially when I can’t figure out what causes them. Worse still, sometimes I don’t know how to get rid of the acne! I’ve tried nightly face masks, Kao Biore stickers, anti-trouble creams of every sort and even medication… /sigh They seem to help a little but I just can’t seem to get rid of acne on my own. I think its time for some professional acne treatment. I’m wearing a face mask to work just to hide the breakout on my left cheek Professional Acne Treatment in Singapore I really needed an effective solution to get rid of my acne… I decided to try Kowayo Aesthetic’s Aqua Pulse Plus therapy which is designed to deep cleanse the skin without any extraction. Deep cleansing of pores using treatment tip. Impurities are drawn out with vacuum effect. Kowayo’s Aqua Pulse Plus acne treatment … Continue reading