Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze in Singapore


I am passionate about my job, I love helping my clients look beautiful.


I try to eat well but with my job and the long hours, it’s hard you know. And exercise? Please… where can I find the time or energy? ^.^ ok I’ll admit that I’m also a teeny tiny bit lazy.

Upon some research (never underestimate the power of women when they are desperate), I found out about Ice Body Shaping or Cryolipolysis at Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic.

Coolsculpting Fat Freeze in Singapore

This cyrolipolysis treatment at Kowayo is actually Fat Freezing, just like coolsculpting, which freezes and kills your body fat at any body area which you find unsatisfactory. This makes it very convenient for spot fat reduction. Perfect for areas such as the face, tummy and thighs!

After the coolsculpting effect kicks in, your fats in that area get frozen and your body slowly gets rid of it. Now THIS is worth a try!

cryolipolysis Singapore

This place is pretty cool. Gentle ambience and ooh.. and amazing drinks display .. /slurp! But no, let’s refocus… I’m here for the fat freezing treatment!

Each visit, I need to have a detailed fat analysis.  This isn’t something I really want to know about.. but it’s part of the Kowayo protocol so I obediently step up to it. The machine tells me what my body fat percentage is and which areas I need to fat freeze to get my desired results.

fat freeze Singapore

Their report is very detailed … You can immediately tell how many kilos of FAT exist in each arm, leg and torso… Once again, not that I really wanted to know /cry. The staff assures me that this will only motivate me to improve and will help to track my progress. I nod and agree /jiayou!


The thing about exercising is… you lose weight overall. BUT! You just can’t choose which part of your body you want the weight to be lost. EXAMPLE: I want slimmer thighs and tummy, but I’m fine with keeping the fat on my forehead and cheeks. I notice that people that exercise a lot tend to have sunken cheeks and look a little haggard… that look just isn’t for me.

Everything ready, it’s time for my cryolipolysis fat freeze!

The Fat Freezing Treatment

This is what the Cryolipolysis suction piece looks like. Very high tech.. I’m quite excited!


There are actually two applicators so you can work on 2 parts of your body at the same time. I decide to apply fat freezing treatment to the sides of my tummy this time so I go with 1 applicator on each side for today.

cryolipolysis Singapore fat freezing Singapore

The entire fat freeze process is done in 60mins. It may sound like a long time but time passed quickly. Whatsapp and Instagram  kept me very entertained…


What does fat freezing feel like?

For the 1st 10 minutes you can feel the vacuum sucking your fats into the handpiece. It’s like a cramping feeling which slowly fades into numbness.

coolsculpting singapore

My cyrolipolysis fat freeze results

There is some bruising after the coolsculpting treatment. Actually I felt happy seeing the bruise because it means it worked! The aesthetician advised that this would go away in a few days. Do I need another session? Nope! Just once is enough. Isn’t that GREAT news?! Now all I need to do is wait for the body to metabolize and eliminate the killed fat cells. The staff make an appointment for me to return for the fat analysis test in 2 weeks to check if my fat ratio has reduced in my sides.

Now of course, how many sessions are required depends on how much fat you have and intend to freeze. The more fat you freeze, the more sessions you need to go through.

But as for me, I’m happy after just 1 session. The cool thing is that you can see the results of the fat freezing treatment within a short time so you can tell if it worked.

I excitedly measured myself a week after and saw a loss! Also overall, I fit better in my clothes.

fat freeze Singapore

Latest update: Its been 3 weeks post fat freezing treatment and I’m really happy with the results. I lost a total of 500g of FAT in each side, that’s a total of 1kg of pure fat lost, burned & gone forever. Goodbye FATS, you know I won’t be missing you.

So if you’re interested to try the cyrolipolysis fat freeze, I’ll say YES, GO FOR IT!! This is their number 6884 4297. Give them a call. Dr Wong Kee Seng is a very friendly and funny guy!

Kowayo Aesthetic located at 1 Raffles Link #01-03C. Mention my name to get a special extra 10% off ????????????

Signing off for now, xoxo, Miki

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