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Those of you who’ve followed me long enough will know that I am a big fan of medically-proven aesthetic treatments. I’ve been going to Kowayo Clinic for some time now, as you can see from me previous reviews on fat freezing cyrolipolysis and acne treatment in Singapore.

ellanse Singapore
Fat Freezing at Kowayo

However, nothing has gotten me more excited to find out that Ellanse is finally in Singapore! I was so ecstatic that I called up my Kowayo surgeon, Dr Wong Kee Seng to confirm the news. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, Ellanse is also known as the famous 少女针 in Taiwan. Ask any Taiwanese girl on the street what the 少女针 is and I’m sure they’d be able to tell you stories for hours. Trust me, this is 100% worth the hype.

So what’s all the hype about Ellanse about? And why is it so great that it’s finally come to Singapore?

What is Ellanse?

As the first and only bio-stimulator of collagen, it is a new dermal filler that lasts for up to four years. Offering a completely safe tuneable longevity, Ellanse is a dermal filler that has been designed for aesthetic medicine with long-lasting effects. As well as being a completely bio-restorable soft medical polymer, Ellanse can stimulate your own collagen by poly-caprolactone (PCL) as the main ingredient.

Ellanse is perfect in modelling because it has a combination of unique elasticity, uniform homogeneity, and viscosity. As a result, the product can be used for adding volume, contouring, correcting wrinkles, reducing folds, sculpting, and more. Also, being an injectable filler, the product provides instant results, although the deageing effect slowly takes place 4-6 weeks after the injection. Due to the bio-stimulation which encourages the rapid growth of collagen, it also offers long-lasting results which means that it is a sustainable solution to use.

Ellanse Suitability & Results

Ultimately, Ellanse can be used by both men and women of any age. Whether it is facial scars, acne scars, sunken cheeks, folds around the nose and mouth, or loose skin, Ellanse will get to work and provide a long-term solution. In addition to this, it is a non-bacterial, non-animal, and non-human derived product leaving it completely natural for all.

Over the past twelve months alone, 90% of customers were satisfied on the basis of Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale. On the same scale, physicians found a slightly higher improvement average of 92%. By 90% of all patients, the treatments were considered good or excellent and they stated that they would be likely to return for a repeat treatment.

You can find out more about the Ellanse 少女针 at Kowayo’s official website.

Youtube Video how does it works:

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