Slimming The Face with Makeup

Makeup is a powerful tool, it has been used to enhance one’s beauty and to create the illusion or a slimming face.

Celebrities and other public figures are notorious for using makeup techniques to get the best look possible and to help slim their face.

All it takes is some product and a little know-how, and you too can instantly “shed” a few pounds in the face.

You can use darker shades on the face to help bring some features to the back, and lighter colors to highlight others. Choose a contour color that is a shade or two darker than your skin color, and a highlight color that is a shade or two lighter than you skin color. Contouring and highlighting the face creates a luminous center while maintaining a slimmer look along the sides.

Slimming Face with Makeup

  • Contour the face by making a long swooping line from the edge of the mouth curving up toward the middle of the ear. Contouring and highlighting should occur following your application of foundation and any concealer that you might want to use. Finally, make sure that you use your brush to blend everything thing together, leaving streaks is a definite faux pas.
  • Highlight the cheekbones to add to the look by swooping your lighter color from the inner part of the eye down and up along the top of the cheekbone. Make sure you blend where the highlight and the contour meet or you might be committing a makeup mistake!
  • Continue your contour on the sides of the nose just above the nostrils. Run a highlight line down the bridge of your nose and blend to create a thinner looking nose.
  • Applying bronzer to your jawline will help minimize your double chin. Make sure to blend with the contour just above it for a soft transition.
  • Try some drama around the eyes. Drawing attention to the eyes will create an illusion that the face is smaller. As well, try a neutral gloss to keep the lips from looking full – which can create the look of a more round face.
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