Psychological Effects of Acne

effects of acne

Acne isn’t just annoying, it can lead to a number of psychological effects. The problem is that it’s a normal part of growing up, especially for females. It’s worth understanding how acne can affect mental health. Reduce Body Confidence If you have bad acne, you’re more likely to suffer from poor body confidence. You want to hide your impurities, because those are the areas that bullies tend to pick on. The truth is that most people don’t even notice the acne, and you can hide it. The good news is doctors can offer prescription medications to help reduce acne. Decreased Self-Esteem Similarly to reduce body confidence, acne leads to poor self-esteem and overall confidence. You can become more withdrawn and find it harder to make friends. In fact, if you’re not confident, you can find that your social interactions are affected. This can lead to other psychological issues, including social … Continue reading