Treating Acne with Birth Control

Treating Acne

Acne is no fun for anyone. For women, with pressure brought on by today’s standards of beauty, acne can be an embarrassing situation to deal with. It can lead to some psychological problems with self-esteem and anxiety, and could lead to long term physical issues with scarring. So we should start treating acne asap. Birth control has long been a strategy for dermatologists looking to help women who are suffering from acne. It can be an especially good option if birth control is in the plans for the woman as well. Typically birth control as a treatment option for acne is discussed following topical treatments and antibiotics. Every woman and every situation is different, but let’s look at some additional information regarding this treatment option: How does treating acne combined with birth control work? Decades of research have told us undoubtedly that there is a strong connection between hormones and acne. … Continue reading

Your Heart Bangs May be Causing Your Acne

Acne Aqua Cleansing

South Korea is at the heart of many different trends in beauty and hair for the Asian region. One of the most recent trends in hair and style that seems to have its roots in the region is what locals are calling ‘Hateu Aapmuhri’ or ‘Heart Bangs Hair’. This look is achieved by using a curling iron to curl the opposing sides of the bangs inward at the bottom, thus creating an upside-down heart effect. Of course, one must keep this in place so massive amounts of hairspray are used to keep the look going strong all-day or night. Cute at this look might be and innocent as it might seem, it could be causing some skin problems that could be permanent if not careful. Hairspray contains many different chemicals that, when combined, are the perfect cocktail to hold that hair in the right place for hours at a time. … Continue reading