V-shaped Face Fascination Among Asians

v-shaped face

Achieving the dream of the perfect Korean v-shaped face without the need for invasive surgery may seem overwhelming. While the Hallyu or K-wave has influenced virtually all beauty perceptions throughout Korea, and any other shore it’s landed upon, it presents some unique challenges. As a global phenomenon, all eyes are on Asian nations and its trends. Until the time of the K-wave trend, our idea of beauty was traditionally influenced by Western standards. This often came through media-television, magazines, and other sources. The emergence of meteoric rise paved the way for ‘everything-Korean’. However, this new standard is much easier for us to attain and stands as a more desirable outcome for Asian women and men. The v-shape face is one of the most sought after features in our country. Everyone from K-pop stars to television celebrities embody this look. Ultimately, the Korean beauty standard is a slimmer lower face that … Continue reading