Acne Treatment in Singapore

acne treatment

Acne can be very annoying when they pop up on your face… especially when I can’t figure out what causes them. Worse still, sometimes I don’t know how to get rid of the acne! I’ve tried nightly face masks, Kao Biore stickers, anti-trouble creams of every sort and even medication… /sigh They seem to help a little but I just can’t seem to get rid of acne on my own. I think its time for some professional acne treatment. I’m wearing a face mask to work just to hide the breakout on my left cheek Professional Acne Treatment in Singapore I really needed an effective solution to get rid of my acne… I decided to try Kowayo Aesthetic’s Aqua Pulse Plus therapy which is designed to deep cleanse the skin without any extraction. Deep cleansing of pores using treatment tip. Impurities are drawn out with vacuum effect. Kowayo’s Aqua Pulse Plus acne treatment … Continue reading