Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze in Singapore

I am passionate about my job, I love helping my clients look beautiful. I try to eat well but with my job and the long hours, it’s hard you know. And exercise? Please… where can I find the time or energy? ^.^ ok I’ll admit that I’m also a teeny tiny bit lazy. Upon some research (never underestimate the power of women when they are desperate), I found out about Ice Body Shaping or Cryolipolysis at Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic. Coolsculpting Fat Freeze in Singapore This cyrolipolysis treatment at Kowayo is actually Fat Freezing, just like coolsculpting, which freezes and kills your body fat at any body area which you find unsatisfactory. This makes it very convenient for spot fat reduction. Perfect for areas such as the face, tummy and thighs! After the coolsculpting effect kicks in, your fats in that area get frozen and your body slowly gets rid of it. … Continue reading