Acne Outbreak During Pregnancy

pregnancy acne

Experts tell us that one out of every two pregnant women suffer from acne during their pregnancy. In very rare cases, it can become severe. The causes of acne during pregnancy are related to the higher than normal level of hormones during your first trimester. This increase in hormones excites the skin’s production of natural oils, leading to acne. While there is no surefire way to guarantee you will or won’t develop acne during pregnancy, we can say that if you have a history of acne flare ups at the beginning of your period you may very well do the same during your pregnancy. Fortunately, if you make it through your first trimester with no acne flair ups, you’ll be unlike to suffer from them in your second and third trimesters. If you do suffer from breakouts, it can be a tricky business. Most acne medications are prescription, which can … Continue reading