Creating the Ideal V-shaped face

Obviously, we’re not Koreans, therefore, achieving the perfect Korean V-shaped face is a difficult task.

With an increase in popularity in the “gangnam girl” look, more cosmetic procedures are popping up to help girls attain this look. The v-shaped face is one of the more popular looks. Where it differs is that both men and women crave this look.

People living in Singapore are also attracted to the v-shaped face, and many people are willing to go under the knife to look exactly like these people.

Singaporeans look far different than Koreans, however, and attaining this look has to be approached differently.

As an example, Koreans have square jaws while Singaporeans have smaller jaws and more baby fat surrounding their cheekbones. One of the easiest ways to achieve this look is to combine the latest Ultra-V Lift or non-anchoring thread lift techniques with Korean methodologies such as Botox injections.

Combining the two, along with a dramatic 3D projection available through fillers and jawline thread lifts, result in more chiseled looks.

Non-invasive treatments are leading the way in the medical aesthetic community. Minimal downtime is desired by those undergoing treatments, which is something businesses want to capitalize on. By blending advanced medical technology with beauty treatment options, achieving more for less is a real possibility. Technology such as ultrasound machines can now be used to slim the face through Ultherapy, and the list of possibilities continues to grow leading the way to better non-invasive treatments and therapies.


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