V-shaped Face Fascination Among Asians

Achieving the dream of the perfect Korean v-shaped face without the need for invasive surgery may seem overwhelming.

While the Hallyu or K-wave has influenced virtually all beauty perceptions throughout Korea, and any other shore it’s landed upon, it presents some unique challenges. As a global phenomenon, all eyes are on Asian nations and its trends.

Until the time of the K-wave trend, our idea of beauty was traditionally influenced by Western standards. This often came through media-television, magazines, and other sources.

The emergence of meteoric rise paved the way for ‘everything-Korean’. However, this new standard is much easier for us to attain and stands as a more desirable outcome for Asian women and men.

The v-shape face is one of the most sought after features in our country.

Everyone from K-pop stars to television celebrities embody this look.

Ultimately, the Korean beauty standard is a slimmer lower face that creates a v-line and sharper facial features. A rounder forehead, and fairer blemish free skin is the ideal look. The main draw to this look is that it leaves you feeling younger.

Its fascination is staggering amongst Koreans as well as in other Asian countries. Over time, products and face masks have been created all to help you create the v-shaped face you’re craving.

Is it recommended to get a V-shaped face surgery?

Many of us wish we could change some aspect of our bodies, this is partly because the cosmetic industry sells items like false eyelashes, colored lenses, and even cosmetic surgery that allows you to create features we’ve always wanted.

Surgery, on the other hand, creates permanent changes such as the V-shape face. Instead of looking to the West for our standardised beauty, we can now turn to our own beauty ideals and show the world just how beautiful we really are.


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